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KUNCI JAWABAN Latihan UAS & PAS Bahasa Inggris 8 SMP, The First Place The Writer Visited In Paris

Adik-adik, ayo kita pelajari dan cermati mengenai soal dan kunci jawaban latihan UAS dan PAS pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 SMP

Ilustrasi Perancis - soal dan kunci jawaban latihan UAS dan PAS pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 SMP 

Last holiday I went to Paris. I visited museums and sat in public gardens. A friendly waiter taught me a few words of French. Then he lent me a book. I read a few lines, but I did not understand a word. Everyday I thought about postcards. My holidays passed quickly, but I did not send any cards to my friends. On the last day I made a big decision, I got up early and bought thirty seven cards. I spent the whole day in my room, but I did not write a single card!

5. What is the text about?
a. Visiting museum
b. Postcard
c. Words of French
d. Holiday

6. What is the generic structure (tenses) of the text above?
a. Simple present tense
b. Simple past tense
c. Present continues tense
d. Simple future tense

7. Whom did the writer meet in Paris?

a. Friendly waiter
b. His friends
c. Postman
d. Mother

8. What was the first place the writer visited?
a. Museum
b. Public garden
c. His room
d. Post office

9. ‘I read a few lines, ...’
What does the underlined phrase mean?
a. Words in a postcard
b. Text on the book
c. Museum guiding
d. Garden’s rules

Read the text then find the suitable words to complete the sentences as an answer of question
number 10 to 15

Read the text to answer question number 1 to 4

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