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KUNCI JAWABAN Latihan UAS & PAS Bahasa Inggris 11 SMA, What Do You Think About Our Food Cleanliness?

Mari kita mengerjakan soal-soal berikut ini tentang soal dan kunci jawaban latihan UAS dan PAS pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 11

Editor: Talitha Desena
Ilustrasi makanan bersih - soal dan kunci jawaban latihan UAS dan PAS pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 11 

Few practitioners of homeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism and the like regard their therapiesas complete substitutes of modern medicine. Rather, they consider their disciplines as supplementary to orthodox medicine.

The problem is that many doctors refuse even to recognize ‘natural’or alternative medicine, it calls for a radically different view of health, illness, and cure. But whatever doctors may think, the demand for alternative forms of medical therapy is stronger than ever before, as the limitations of modern medical science become more widely understood.

 Alternative therapies are often dismissed by orthodox medicine because they are sometimes administered by people with no formal medical training. But, in comparison with many traditional therapies, western medicine as we know it today is a very recent phenomenon. Until only 150 years ago, herbal medicine and simple inorganic compounds were the most effective treatments available.

Despite the medical establishment’s intolerant attitude, alternative therapies are being accepted by more and more doctors, and the World Health Organization has agreed to promote the integration of proven, valuable, ‘alternative’ knowledge and skills in western medicine.

51. What is the best title of the text above?
Answer: Alternative Medicine

52. What kind of text type is the passage above? Explain your answer!
Answer: It is a analytical exposition text because the text gives the arguments about an alternative medicine

53. What are alternative therapies and Western medicine?
Answer: - Alternative therapies are therapies which are administered by people with nonformal medical training
- western medicine is orthodox medicine that being accepted by doctors.

54. To what group of people does this text suit? Why?
Answer: The text suits a group of people who trust the cure of an alternative medicine besides doctor treatment.

55. Find the words in the text above which have the following meanings!
a. impression about something     (paragraph 1, line 2)

Answer: misleading

b. treatment of illness by sticking small needles into the body (paragraph 2, line 1)
answer: acupuncture

c. thing added tosomething else to complete   (paragraph 2, line 1)
Answer: supplementary

d. admit that something exists     (paragraph 3, line 1)
Answer: recognize

e. including many different things    (paragraph 3, line 4)
Answer: widely



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