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SOAL & KUNCI JAWABAN Latihan UAS dan PAS Bahasa Inggris 8 SMP, Adam's Activities Through His Diary

Baca dan pelajari dengan seksama penjabaran di artikel ini tentang soal dan kunci jawaban latihan UAS dan PAS pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 SMP

Editor: Talitha Desena
Ilustrasi Inggris - soal dan kunci jawaban latihan UAS dan PAS pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 SMP 

23 Sunday. When I got up, I felt ill, I went back to bed. Mum called the doctor. But he couldn’t come, because he was ill too.

24 Monday. The doctor come at 11 O’clock. He wrote a prescription for some medicine.
Mum bought it in the drugstore. It was horrible. Yuck!

25 Tuesday. Dad bought me model aeroplane. I read the instructions, but I couldn’t make it,

because the dog ate the glue.

1. What happened at 23rd May to Adam?
a. He couldn’t come
b. He wrote a prescription
c. He felt ill
d. He was slipping

2. Who called the doctor?
a. Father
b. Adam
c. Mother
d. Doctor

3. What did the doctor write at 24th?
a. Instructions
b. Model aeroplane
c. Address of drugstore
d. Prescription

4. Adam could not make the aeroplane, why? Because...
a. He felt ill
b. The dog ate the glue
c. The doctor was ill too
d. Mum bought medicine

Read the text to answer question number 16 to 21

There were a girl named Bawang Putih, she lived with her step mother and her step sister named Bawang Merah. Bawang Putih’s life was sad. Her step mother and her step sister treated Bawang Putih badly and always asked her to do all the household chores. One morning, Bawang Putih was washing some clothes in a river. Accidentally, her mother’s
clothes fell down to the river. Finally she met an old woman. The old woman returned the clothes. She also gave Bawang Putih a small pumpkin. At home, Suddenly Bawang putih and her step mother and step sister were surprised. Inside the pumpkin they found jewelries. “Bawang Merah, hurry up. Go to the river then found the old woman and took big pumpkin. They were screaming. There were a lot of snakes inside the pumpkin! Finally both of them realized their mistakes. They apologized and Bawang Putih forgave them.



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